Top 15 Reasons For Owning a Home

  1. paying rent is NOT a good investment

  2. it motivates you to become a better citizen and engage in important civic activities

  3. you want more living space to more around

  4. it means having a good place to raise children and provide them with a good education

  5. it provides a good financial opportunity

  6. you can select a community where people share your values

  7. it's a symbol of success and achievement

  8. you start building family wealth

  9. it's investing in your retirement

  10. owning a home provides tax benefits

  11. the landlord doesn't decide if your child should have a best friend

  12. it gives you something you can borrow against if needed

  13. it's a safer place to raise your family

  14. you don't want to be told how to decorate your home

  15. it allows you to live in a nicer home