Cape May and Atlantic County Towns

In the heart of Atlantic County is Absecon, a town of 7.3 square miles and 8,400 residents. Absecon is close enough to the Jersey Shore towns to enjoy a day in the Atlantic or an evening gambling in Atlantic City, but it's not congested or overrun with tourists during the summer months. People who live here typically have put down roots to stay for good or are transplants looking to be close to the shoreline without being saddled with a beachfront mortgage or the potential of a damaging hurricane.   read more»

Atlantic City
The boardwalk. The casinos. The pageant. The concerts. The restaurants. No town has quite captured the imagination of both beachgoers and gamblers alike, families, and singles, quite like the lure and glitz that is Atlantic City. The beachfront city has been featured in countless places in the media from HBO's Boardwalk Empire to Judy Blume's teen novel Tiger Eyes to Bruce Springsteen's famous song of the same name. The popular Monopoly game is based on streets in Atlantic City. But behind the neon lights of the casinos, there are residents who call it home.   read more»

There are many legends that surround the Jersey shore town of Avalon. Among them, pirates buried their treasures somewhere on the island, explorer Henry Hudson sailed by, and the Lenni Lenape lived in a juniper forest in what is present-day Avalon. No one is sure if any of these wild stories are true, but one thing is for certain. Avalon, which lies between Ocean City and the Wildwoods, was a vacationer's paradise as far back as the early 20th century. Travelers arrived by train from Philadelphia seeking a breather from the city's heat and a place to put their toes into the sand. They found it in Avalon, and the spirit of vacation never left.   read more»

For people who enjoy the excitement of the starry-eyed Shore towns along New Jersey's southern coastline but don't want to actually be stuck living in those brightly lit up metropolises, Brigantine, located in Atlantic County, is just the place to put down roots or buy a vacation home. It's a safe, quiet town that prides itself on being the perfect vacation or homey spot for families.   read more»

Cape May
With a storied history and a wealth of beauty reminiscent of yesteryear, Cape May, New Jersey has been charming tourists and residents alike since the first Philadelphians arrived to put their toes in the sand in the mid-1700s. Those early vacationers knew great beaches when they saw them and Cape May is today's setting for many weddings and vow renewals, simply because there isn't a bad view in the entire city.   read more»

Cape May Court House
Nestled in the heart of Middle Township and not far offshore from North Wildwood lies the sleepy town of Cape May Court House. As its name suggests, Cape May Court House, or CMCH, as many of the locals call it, is the county seat for Cape May County. The town has become a haven of sorts for people looking to buy a vacation home without the hefty price tag of a house that is closer to the beach or for those who wish to leave the chaotic world and relocate to a place offering a laid-back feel. Today, more than 5,000 people call Cape May Court House home.   read more»

Egg Harbor Township
If you thought that Egg Harbor Township got its name because of tasty eggs, you'd be partially correct. The area that was Great Egg Harbor was named by Cornelius Jacobsen Mey, an explorer, who saw that the locale was rich with the eggs of seashore birds and other water fowl. In 1614, he named the inlet Egg Harbor. Originally, Egg Harbor Township was part of Gloucester County (today it's in Atlantic County) and was first mentioned in 1693. The township's western boundary was decided in 1761. Over the years, areas of Egg Harbor Township were taken away to form other municipalities like Galloway Township, Somers Point, and Atlantic City.   read more»

Galloway Township
Consisting of several towns, Galloway Township is located in Atlantic County and is the largest municipality in New Jersey. Smithville and Pomona are among the towns found within the township's boundaries.   read more»

Linwood, where more than 7,000 people reside, is located in Atlantic County, about nine miles west of Atlantic City. It borders Northfield, Egg Harbor Township and Somers Point and consists of a little more than four square miles.   read more»

Longport Borough
Along the southern tip of Absecon Island lies Longport, which looks out across the Atlantic. Margate, Ventnor, and Atlantic City are its northern neighbors. The first street in the borough of Longport is not First Avenue, but actually 11th Avenue as the first 10 streets were washed out to sea many years ago. The town is named for James Long, who purchased a parcel of land in 1857. He never lived on parcel 32, but ended up buying a block of land, where he built a beachside residence. In 1882, Long sold his original land parcel to a friend, M. Simpson McCullough. As a thank you, McCullough named the town after his friend.   read more»

Lower Township
Consisting of several towns including Diamond Beach, Erma, North Cape May, and Villas, is Lower Township, which is located in Cape May County. Nestled within the township are the Cape May County Airport, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, and historic Cold Spring Village. Those who live within Lower Township -- and there are 22,000 people who reside here -- enjoy living, working, and playing in this locale that is close to the Jersey beaches.   read more»

While the Jersey resort town of Margate may seem like the quintessential tourist spot, looks can be deceiving. Visitors have come to vacation here only to decide that Margate would make a great place to live. It's truly 1.5 miles of prime real estate, whether you're a summer vacationer or a year-round resident.   read more»

Mays Landing
Within the boundaries of Hamilton Township lies Mays Landing, a town steeped in history and home to many early Native Americans. In the 1700s, Captain George May, an Englishman, sailed up the Great Egg Harbor River and discovered an area that was perfect for shipbuilding. He later established a trading post and shipyard and today, the town bears his name in recognition of these early industries Captain May brought to the Atlantic County area.   read more»

Middle Township
Just across from several barrier islands in Cape May County is Middle Township, which hugs the Garden State Parkway in certain areas. It consists of small towns which include Burleigh, Whitesboro, Dias Creek, Green Creek, Cape May Court House, and Rio Grande. In fact, Middle Township, and more notably, Whitesboro, received much publicity recently when Oprah Winfrey came to visit. Her significant other, Stedman Graham, grew up in Middle Township and attended school here.   read more»

North Wildwood
After exiting the Garden State Parkway or Route 9, the first Wildwood that one will come to is North Wildwood. This very residential town in Cape May County has all of the bells and whistles of living in its sister town to the south (Wildwood) without the noise and the massive invasion of visitors in July and August. More than 4,000 people live in North Wildwood year-round, but that number does grow in the summertime.   read more»

Not far from the gaming mecca of Atlantic City is the community of Northfield, where 8,000 people live, work, and play. Northfield's motto is "Gateway to the Shore" because it's in close proximity to New Jersey's beaches and is located in Atlantic County.   read more»

Ocean City
Known for its large boardwalk, amusements, and beaches, Ocean City is the place for rest and play for families. Established in 1879, Ocean City now boasts a year-round population of just over 11,000, although that number grows considerably come June. Although Ocean City is a hotspot for people seeking a weeklong vacation or a day trip to the beach, the town is quite popular as a permanent residence or for those who own vacation properties.   read more»

Ocean View
Taking the Garden State Parkway might be the route of choice for most vacationers looking to get to the beaches that New Jersey is known for. But while the Parkway is popular for travel, driving it has some drawbacks. Namely, people taking the Parkway miss out on some of the smaller towns that offer a wealth of treasures, restaurants, and shops that the larger Shore spots can't possibly provide.   read more»

Not far from the bright lights of the gambling mecca Atlantic City lies Pleasantville, which has been evolving in the past decades. Today, more than 20,000 people live within this community in Atlantic County. There's a balance here, because some of the residents have positions within the gaming industry of AC, which is only five miles away. But those few miles put enough distance between Pleasantville and the casinos so that inner city issues aren't spilling over. It's one of the key benefits of being close to a major city.   read more»

Rio Grande
Just outside of Wildwood is Rio Grande, a community located in Middle Township, which consists of 2.4 square miles. Approximately, 2,400 people make Rio Grande their home. Many who live within Rio Grande commute into Wildwood for their jobs, for entertainment, and to dine. But that's not to say that there's nothing to do in Rio Grande. There are plenty of stores and restaurants here for locals and those who are visiting town.   read more»

Sea Isle City
Sea Isle City is home to many year-round and summer residents and also attracts quite a tourist population in the warm weather months. Located south of Ocean City and Strathmere and north of Avalon and Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City was founded in 1882 by Charles Landis (the main drag in town, Landis Avenue, bears his name) and like much of the South Jersey coastal towns, has survived its fair share of hurricanes and storms. Each time, Sea Isle City has reemerged stronger than ever and a new generation of fans considers it their favorite place to stretch out and relax, dine and drink, or shop and play.   read more»

There's just something comforting about places that are old-fashioned. Perhaps it invokes images from a simpler time or maybe it's the fact that family and loved ones played such an integral part of everyday tasks like working and cooking. Smithville, a community in Galloway Township in Atlantic County, is such a place where the old-fashioned is part of today's world.   read more»

Somers Point
Just off the barrier island of Ocean City and 10 miles southwest of Atlantic City is Somers Point, a four-square mile joy located in Atlantic County. Somers Point is primarily a residential community and many within the population work at Shore Memorial Hospital, the town's largest employer. But other businesses a bound here and people like the convenience of being near to the New Jersey coastline while still having the tranquility of an inland town.   read more»

Stone Harbor
Stone Harbor, in the heart of Cape May County, is a popular hot spot for vacationers and people looking to permanently unpack their suitcases. In fact, that's how the borough, which is just south of Avalon and north of the Hereford Inlet, started gaining a fan base. Stone Harbor was marketed as an oasis by the sea to wealthy Philadelphia residents who were looking for rest and relaxation in the heat of the summer months. Once they arrived, those Philadelphians realized they had stumbled upon a little slice of beach heaven. And today, that elegance continues with pristine beaches, higher end boutiques and shops, and restaurants to satisfy any appetite.   read more»

Upper Township
Tucked into the heart of Cape May County, not far from the New Jersey coastline, is Upper Township. It has remained quite rural since pre-colonial times when the Lenni Lenape Native Americans roamed the land here. Before the American Revolution, fishermen and whalers settled in Upper Township, making their living from the rich ocean nearby. The township is comprised of Beesleys Point, Marmora, Palermo, Seaville, Tuckahoe, Greenfield, Marshallville, Steelmantown, Petersburg and Strathmere. Over 12,000 people live within these communities that make up Upper Township.   read more»

Although Atlantic City has the glitz of sparkling lights and the influx of people traveling to drop their dollars into one of the slot machines at the many gambling establishments, Ventnor, which is just south of New Jersey's casino mecca, hugs the coastline and abounds with colorful umbrellas every summer on its sandy, sun-drenched beaches. Beach bums and horseshoe crabs know a good thing when they see it. And they see it in Ventnor.   read more»

Not too far inland from the Wildwoods is a sleepy bedroom community that is known as Villas or as the locals like to say "the Villas." Situated in Lower Township in Cape May County, Villas is home to more than 9,400 people and 3,800 households.   read more»

West Wildwood
The town of West Wildwood enjoys the peace that comes with being a seashore locale, and it fits perfectly with its motto: Small Town Charm on the Back Bay. The less hectic charm of West Wildwood makes it a popular draw for families and retirees. Approximately 600 people reside within West Wildwood, a community located in Cape May County. West Wildwood borders North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Middle Township.   read more»

Oh, those Wildwood days! The excitement that is Wildwood is part of life for year-round residents and those who own property on the island. In the early part of the 20th century, tourists flocked to the beaches and those looking for sun, surf, and entertainment still walk the famed boardwalk and frolic on the wide expanse of sand. After the Garden State Parkway was built in the 1950s, Wildwood experienced a boom as homes, restaurants, and other buildings were constructed. Motels, especially, were popular because they provided inexpensive accommodations to visitors. Many of these motels have been remodeled into condominiums for homeowners. Wildwood still has much of that '50s appearance giving it a kitschy, laid-back, and family friendly feel.   read more»

Wildwood Crest
The resort town of Wildwood Crest, like its neighboring sister towns of Wildwood and North Wildwood, was christened with the name after visitors were fascinated by this forest-like place near the ocean. Despite being a sort of wilderness, there was great potential in these towns. The Baker Brothers, Philip Pontius and Latimer, lived in Vineland but were quite impressed by the area around what is today Wildwood Crest and were convinced there was a profit to be made here. The men got to work developing Wildwood Crest so that visitors would come to spend their money. The first house was built in 1906, the same year that the first baby -- that would be Baker Crest Thurber -- was born in Wildwood Crest. Little Baker received a deed to a land lot from the Baker Brothers themselves in celebration of his birth. Wildwood Crest grew by leaps and bounds, so much so, that in 1910, it was decreed as a borough.   read more»