An Ocean View

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Swim, Bike, Run, Crab Cakes!

Last Sunday over 1,500 athletes participated in the Annual Atlantic City Triathlon at Bader Field which brilliantly coincided with the Atlantic City Seafood Festival. A gathering of 1,500 endurance sport enthusiasts and 50 culinary experts - while it may seem like an odd association, I’m now convinced that more athletic events need to be paired with seafood... [More]

You might as well Jump!

Anyone who has ever traveled to Delaware aboard the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is probably aware that jumping off said ferry is illegal (or at least extremely frowned upon). On June 8th, my wife and I along with 1,500 other endurance sports enthusiasts jumped off the Delaware ferry and swam to shore for the first leg of the annual “Escape the Cape” Triathlon. [More]
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