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Longport Borough, NJ

Along the southern tip of Absecon Island lies Longport, which looks out across the Atlantic. Margate, Ventnor, and Atlantic City are its northern neighbors. The first street in the borough of Longport is not First Avenue, but actually 11th Avenue as the first 10 streets were washed out to sea many years ago. The town is named for James Long, who purchased a parcel of land in 1857. He never lived on parcel 32, but ended up buying a block of land, where he built a beachside residence. In 1882, Long sold his original land parcel to a friend, M. Simpson McCullough. As a thank you, McCullough named the town after his friend.

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6 Bedrooms
4 Full Bath(s)
MLS#: 434326

5 Bedrooms
3 Full , 2 Half Bath(s)
MLS#: 418740

5 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath(s)
MLS#: 432272

7 Bedrooms
6 Full , 1 Half Bath(s)
MLS#: 398743

6 Bedrooms
3 Full , 2 Half Bath(s)
MLS#: 426538

3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath(s)
MLS#: 433867

2 Bedrooms
1 Full Bath(s)
MLS#: 430546

4 Bedrooms
4 Full Bath(s)
MLS#: 435673

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In the early 1900s, disabled children were brought to Longport to enjoy the fresh sea air and undergo intensive rehabilitation at the Summer Seashore Home for Handicapped Children. The facility was later renamed the Widener Memorial School. Enrollment at the school declined and during World War I, soldiers were brought to the former children's school to rehabilitate. The facility later became a hotel and today it's where 12 homes sit.

There are approximately 900 residents living in Longport. That number fluctuates during the summertime when vacationers looking for a spot to drop their beach bags into the sand leave the mainland and enter the island. Longport is governed by three non-partisan commissioners who are elected at large to four-year terms. In addition to legislative duties, each commissioner heads a specific department. The town is part of the 2nd Congressional District and the 2nd state legislative district. Longport has a sending/receiving education relationship with nearby Margate. Students in grades kindergarten through eighth attend classes in the Margate City School District. High schoolers, like those in several other neighboring towns, attend Atlantic City High School.

Lifeguards are posted along Longport's beaches to keep bathers safe. Guarded beaches are open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily in season. To help control the cost of maintaining its sandy beaches, Longport requires all beach patrons 12 years of age and older to purchase and wear beach tags.

Longport's early years focused on commercial activity, but today the town is mostly residential. There are eateries and things to do, but most activities are ocean-centered as in surfing, fishing, crabbing, and the like. That works immensely for the population of Longport. The people here find that the peace of the ocean and cries of the seagulls really are the only things that are needed. Come to Longport to live or to spend time relaxing. You'll find that the salty air and quiet environment really are refreshing to the soul.