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Make Your Happy Place... Home

Yes, it’s true. My family and I did not always live close to the shore. We started out as *gasp* shoobees. 

During our time in Philadelphia, we stockpiled vacation days to make our weekends at the shore longer and our work week shorter. We relished every minute of those glorious 16 weeks of summer.  And then for some unknown reason, we did the unthinkable. We moved even further away from our beloved Jersey Shore. We were living on 5 acres of farm land in Bucks County dreaming of great seafood and pining away for the beach.

We sat on our deck one night looking out at the aforementioned farm land and came to a conclusion. The beach (and fresh seafood) was calling.  And just like that, we answered.

It's been over a dozen years since our bold move, the real question is, are we still shoobees? Does the moniker  have a statute of limitations or does the label stick forever?  Well, maybe.

We don’t feed the sea gulls.

But we do embrace the Jersey Shore! We can usually be found doing any of the following:

Attending a concert in Atlantic City

Bike riding in Ventnor


Running on the Ocean City boardwalk


Reggae dancing at Baia in Somers Point

Eating dinner on the bay at Carmen’s in Sea Isle

Heading down to the Rusty Nail in Cape May for Happy Hour

Ocean Kayaking in Longport

And of course there’s the beach...

I think you get the picture. My family and I love the Jersey Shore. We may be still Shoobees at heart but we're ok with that...

We made our happy place home.

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